Sample Invoice

Sample Invoice

By far, the most frequent question I get from potential customer is, “how much will it cost to fence my 3 acres, ( or 1 acre, or 5, or whatever size they have). Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this because it depends upon many factors such as:

  • what type of animal do you want to keep in (or out) will determine how high of a fence, how many wires will be on the fence, which will affect your total because it will decide how much wire and which fence posts you will need.
  • They type of soil will determine how much time it takes to install the post. For example: if you have dirt I can pound each post in about a minute or so, but if you have rocky soil, it may take 10 minutes or more to drill a pilot hole for each post hole.
fencing guide
The terrain will dictate how far apart to put fence posts, as will the type of fencing used

So I could go on in more detail, but as you can see, there are many factors that determine the final price of your fence.

So, in an effort to be totally straightforward and upfront to customers about pricing, I offer to come out and look at your property and give you a quote. But, even before that, I’m going to list a sample invoice here so you can get a better idea of the total price before you even call me to come do an estimate because a fence consists of more than just fence posts and wire, and now you can see all the little expenses that add up in the total installation of a fence.

So here is our sample fence for this invoice. Let’s say it is about 3 acres in size, square in shape (each side is about 350′ long for a total of 1400 feet of fence) , and we will be building a 5 wire high tensile fence that is 3.5″ high to keep out pigs and also contain cows, sheep, or goats. We will add one poly rope gate at one corner to enter and exit.

Quantity              Item                                          Price each                                    Total Price

4                  Corner Units                                       $262.65                                       $1050.48

72              5′ 5″ x 1.5″ T posts                                  $6.80                                         $489.60

(Figure one post every 20 feet – some may be more, some may be less far apart. To arrive at 72 posts I took the total of all 4 sides, 1400 and divided by 20 feet and got an answer of 70 and added to posts for good measure if they are needed.)

7000′      12.5 gauge high tensile wire               $.04/foot                                $280.00

40          XL crimp sleeves                                         .30                                               $12.00

(used to secure wires at each end  – much stronger than tying the wire)

52           Line taps                                                          .30                                                $15.60

(to make electrical connections at each end of the wire and on jumper wires)

10          wire strainers                                                5.00                                              $50.

(ratchet type devices that make each wire taught)

3          stainless steel gate handles                   6.99                                                $20.97

48′    poly rope for gate                                             .20/foot                                     $9.60

1       stainless steel split bolt                               2.00                                                 $2.00

(to attach wire from charger to fence)

25′  underground cable                                         .50/foot                                        $12.50

(runs to ground rod, and from charger to fence, and under gate if necessary)

1            ground rod and clamp                             $20.                                                 $20.00

2     electric fence signs                                        $2.000                                           $4.00

Total for materials:                                                                                                           $1966.75

(that’s $1.37 per foot of fence for materials)

30 hours labor (estimate)                                   $33./ hour                                    $990.00

(could take more or less time depending upon if I have to clear the fence line, and how long it takes to install posts)

Subtotal:  $2956.75

Tax:  $123.17

Grand total:  $3079.92

(with labor, that’s $2.16 per foot of fence)

I also charge $60. for a round trip to Kona and other outer parts of the island (from Hilo area) to go do an estimate and for each days trip to work on a fence to cover my gas and travel time (even though sometimes that doesn’t completely cover all my expenses).

The final item you will need is a fence charger. You have 2 choices: If you have AC power nearby, you can get an AC 1.5 joule charger for $150.  If you need a solar shock box, a 1.5 joule shock box is $449.’

Keep in mind that the recommended distance between fence posts for the timeless fence system is 12 to 30 feet. The terrain will determine the distance between posts so that the bottom wire maintains a constant distance above the ground. Also, if you have a low animal density, you can space the posts further apart, and if there is a higher animal density, like in a feed lot, then the posts should be closer together.

So there you have a sample invoice. Keep in mind that I can build any type of fence and try and fit it in your budget, but remember, you get what you pay for. The above fence is designed to last 20 or more years and be trouble free.

One last important point if you have more acres

I would like to make a very important point here as far a pricing for more acres, and that is, in the above example of 3 acres, 6 acres would not be twice as much, and 9 acres would not be 3 times as much, as so on.

So let me explain how this works. In the above 3 acres example, a major portion of the price as you can see is the 4 corner units. So if the total of the 4 sides for 3 acres is 1400 feet, the total for 6 acres would be about 1750 feet and 1750 feet divided by 20 feet between each post is about 88 posts. So for 6 acres that would be an extra 16 posts. Multiply 16 x $6.80 per post and you have  $108. more dollars to fence 6 acres than it would cost to fence 3 acres (and of course a little more wire), but my point is that once you have the 4 corner units, then adding a few fence posts for a lot of additional acres is not 2 or 3 times the price. This is why I cannot fairly state pricing in terms of dollars per foot of fence because if I did, the larger acreage fences would be overpriced and I want all fences to be priced fairly.