Product Guarantee

This is my Product Guarantee policy:

I guarantee satisfaction on every item you purchase from Charlie’s Electric Fencing. The fences are guaranteed to keep pigs out, or livestock in.

If you are unhappy with your purchase or installation for any reason,  please contact me right away so I can fix the problem, or issue a replacement, or issue a refund.

I have this policy because I am a one person business, and I don’t have money to spend on advertising, so I rely on word of mouth. I also pride myself in doing quality work because I like what I do, so I want every customer to be more than happy with the fence I install for them.

About my installation detail

When I build a fence, I pick up after myself and do not leave bits of wire scraps on your property. All wires are secure with crimps, rather than hand tying,  because crimping is neater looking and maintains the full strength of the wire. I do not leave sharp edges of wires sticking out of the crimps so no animal will get scratched on the electric fence.

My goal is to save you money on fencing. I do this by working as efficiently as possible so that I can install your fence with the highest quality in the least amount of time. I will present you with all the options that I know of when planning your fence with you so that you can choose which option are best for you.